DeWayne Brawner
DeWayne Brawner

The Little Elm Area Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been providing assistance since 1984 within the Little Elm, Hackberry, Oak Point, Cross Roads, 380 area and Denton County.

Who we serve:

Children- Through no fault of their own, 35% of our clients are children.

Seniors- Most of our seniors often have to choose between food and medical care being on a limited income. With nearly a third of our clients being seniors, we work to ensure that our elderly clients are fed.

Working Poor- Many working adults struggle with covering expenses until their next paycheck. Of the households we serve, 46% have at least 1 working adult.

Single Parents- Single parents often find that the ability to provide nutritious food loses priority to other expenses such as rent, transportation, utilities, and daycare.

Veterans- The hidden face of hunger often includes those who have served in the U.S. Military. Of those served by the food bank, 1 in 5 households includes a family member who is a former military member.

Last year with the assistance of our donors and volunteers we were able to provide:

  • Over 279,000 meals
  • Covered 100% of the expenses for Meals on Wheels within Little Elm.
  • Provided an additional 11,000 meals for the Summer Kid’s Eat Free Lunch Program
  • Our volunteers saved us $163,080 worth of labor.
  • With the help of your monetary assistance, our organization will be able to continue support those in need. Your donation today can help make a big difference in their lives.  

Thank you,

DeWayne Brawner
Executive Director
Little Elm Area Food Bank